What does access mean?
The definition of access
Ac*cess” (#; 277), n.
Etym: [F. accès, L. accessus, fr. accedere. See Accede.]

1 A coming to, or near approach; admittance; admission; accessibility; as, to gain access to a prince. I did repel his letters, and denied His access to me. Shak.
2 The means, place, or way by which a thing may be approached; passage way; as, the access is by a neck of land. “All access was thronged.” Milton.
3 Admission to sexual intercourse. During coverture, access of the husband shall be presumed, unless the contrary be shown. Blackstone.
4 Increase by something added; addition; as, an access of territory. [In this sense accession is more generally used.] I, from the influence of thy looks, receive Access in every virtue. Milton.
5 An onset, attack, or fit of disease. The first access looked like an apoplexy. Burnet.
6 A paroxysm; a fit of passion; an outburst; as, an access of fury. [A Gallicism]