What does acuteness mean?
The definition of acuteness
A*cute”ness, n.
1 The quality of being acute or pointed; sharpness; as, the acuteness of an angle.
2 The faculty of nice discernment or perception; acumen; keenness; sharpness; sensitiveness; — applied to the senses, or the understanding. By acuteness of feeling, we perceive small objects or slight impressions: by acuteness of intellect, we discern nice distinctions. Perhaps, also, he felt his professional acuteness interested in bringing it to a successful close. Sir W. Scott.
3 Shrillness; high pitch; — said of sounds.
4 (Med.)
Violence of a disease, which brings it speedily to a crisis.

— Penetration; sagacity; keenness; ingenuity; shrewdness; subtlety; sharp-wittedness.