What does adaw mean?
The definition of adaw
A*daw”, v. t.
Etym: [Cf. OE. adawe of dawe, AS. of dagum from days, i. e., from life, out of life.]

To subdue; to daunt. [Obs.] The sight whereof did greatly him adaw. Spenser.

A*daw”, v. t. & i.
Etym: [OE. adawen to wake; pref. a- (cf. Goth. us- , Ger. er-) + dawen, dagon, to dawn. See Daw.]

To awaken; to arouse. [Obs.] A man that waketh of his sleep He may not suddenly well taken keep Upon a thing, ne seen it parfitly Till that he be adawed verily. Chaucer.