What does adulation mean?
The definition of adulation
Ad`u*la”tion, n.
Etym: [F. adulation, fr. L. adulatio, fr. adulari, adulatum, to flatter.]

Servile flattery; praise in excess, or beyond what is merited. Think’st thou the fiery fever will go out With titles blown from adulation Shak.

— Sycophancy; cringing; fawning; obsequiousness; blandishment.
— Adulation, Flattery, Compliment. Men deal in compliments from a desire to please; they use flattery either from undue admiration, or a wish to gratify vanity; they practice adulation from sordid motives, and with a mingled spirit of falsehood and hypocrisy. Compliment may be a sincere expression of due respect and esteem, or it may be unmeaning; flattery is apt to become gross; adulation is always servile, and usually fulsome.