What does aeolian mean?
The definition of aeolian
Æ*o”li*an, a.
Etym: [L. Aeolius, Gr.

1 Of or pertaining to Æolia or Æolis, in Asia Minor, colonized by the Greeks, or to its inhabitants; æolic; as, the Æolian dialect.
2 Pertaining to Æolus, the mythic god of the winds; pertaining to, or produced by, the wind; aërial. Viewless forms the æolian organ play. Campbell. Æolian attachment, a contrivance often attached to a pianoforte, which prolongs the vibrations, increases the
volume of sound, etc., by forcing a stream of air upon the strings. Moore.

— Æolian harp, Æolian lyre, a musical instrument consisting of a box, on or in which are stretched strings, on which the wind acts to produce the notes; — usually placed at an open window. Moore.
— Æolian mode (Mus.), one of the ancient Greek and early ecclesiastical modes.