What does agaric mean?
The definition of agaric
Ag”a*ric, n.
Etym: [L. agaricum, Gr. Agara, a town in Sarmatia.]

1 (Bot.)
A fungus of the genus Agaricus, of many species, of which the common mushroom is an example.
2 An old name for severwal species of Polyporus, corky fungi growing on decaying wood.

Note: The “female agaric” (Polyporus officinalic) was renowned as a cathartic; the “male agaric” (Polyporus igniarius) is used for preparing touchwood, called punk of German tinder. Agaric mineral, a light, chalky deposit of carbonate of lime, sometimes called rock milk, formed in caverns or fissures of limestone.