What does agglutinate mean?
The definition of agglutinate
Ag*glu”ti*nate, v. t.
[imp. & p. p. Agglutinated; p. pr. & vb. n.Agglutinating.]
Etym: [L. agglutinatus, p. p. of agglutinare to glue or cement to a thing; ad + glutinare to glue; gluten glue. See Glue.]

To unite, or cause to adhere, as with glue or other viscous substance; to unite by causing an adhesion of substances.

Ag*glu”ti*nate, a.
1 United with glue or as with glue; cemented together.
2 (physiol.)
Consisting of root words combined but not materially altered as to form or meaning; as, agglutinate forms, languages, etc. See Agglutination, 2.