What does ague mean?
The definition of ague
A”gue, n.
Etym: [OE. agu, ague, OF. agu, F. aigu, sharp, OF. fem. ague, LL. (febris) acuta, a sharp, acute fever, fr. L. acutus sharp. See Acute.]

1 An acute fever. [Obs.] “Brenning agues.” P. Plowman.
2 (Med.)
An intermittent fever, attended by alternate cold and hot fits.
3 The cold fit or rigor of the intermittent fever; as, fever and ague.
4 A chill, or state of shaking, as with cold. Dryden. Ague cake, an enlargement of the spleen produced by ague.

— Ague drop, a solution of the arsenite of potassa used for ague.
— Ague fit, a fit of the ague. Shak.
— Ague spell, a spell or charm against ague. Gay.
— Ague tree, the sassafras, — sometimes so called from the use of its root formerly, in cases of ague. [Obs.]

A”gue, v. t.
[imp. & p. p. Agued.]

To strike with an ague, or with a cold fit. Heywood.