What does amenable mean?
The definition of amenable
A*me”na*ble, a.
Etym: [F. amener to lead; ad) = mener to lead, fr. L. minare to drive animals (properly by threatening cries), in LL. to lead; L. minari, to threaten, minae threats. See Menace.]

1 (Old Law)
Easy to be led; governable, as a woman by her husband. [Obs.] Jacob.
2 Liable to be brought to account or punishment; answerable; responsible; accountable; as, amenable to law. Nor is man too diminutive . . . to be amenable to the divine government. I. Taylor.
3 Liable to punishment, a charge, a claim, etc.
4 Willing to yield or submit; responsive; tractable. Sterling . . . always was amenable enough to counsel. Carlyle.