What does animadversion mean?
The definition of animadversion
An`i*mad*ver”sion, n.
Etym: [L. animadversio, fr. animadvertere: cf. F. animadversion. See Animadvert.]

1 The act or power of perceiving or taking notice; direct or simple perception. [Obs.] The soul is the sole percipient which hath animadversion and sense, properly so called. Glanvill.
2 Monition; warning. [Obs.] Clarendon.
3 Remarks by way of criticism and usually of censure; adverse criticism; reproof; blame. He dismissed their commissioners with severe and sharp animadversions. Clarendon.
4 Judicial cognizance of an offense; chastisement; punishment. [Archaic] “Divine animadversions.” Wesley.

— Stricture; criticism; censure; reproof; blame; comment.