What does answerable mean?
The definition of answerable
An”swer*a*ble, a.
1 Obliged to answer; liable to be called to account; liable to pay, indemnify, or make good; accountable; amenable; responsible; as, an agent is answerable to his principal; to be answerable for a debt, or for damages. Will any man argue that . . . he can not be justly punished, but is answerable only to God Swift.
2 Capable of being answered or refuted; admitting a satisfactory answer. The argument, though subtle, is yet answerable. Johnson.
3 Correspondent; conformable; hence, comparable. What wit and policy of man is answerable to their discreet and orderly course Holland. This revelation . . . was answerable to that of the apostle to the Thessalonians. Milton.
4 Proportionate; commensurate; suitable; as, an achievement answerable to the preparation for it.
5 Equal; equivalent; adequate. [Archaic] Had the valor of his soldiers been answerable, he had reached that year, as was thought, the utmost bounds of Britain. Milton.