What does antidote mean?
The definition of antidote
An”ti*dote, n.
Etym: [L. antidotum, Gr. antidote. See Dose, n.]

1 A remedy to counteract the effects of poison, or of anything noxious taken into the stomach; — used with against, for, or to; as, an antidote against, for, or to, poison.
2 Whatever tends to prevent mischievous effects, or to counteract evil which something else might produce.

An”ti*dote, v. t.
1 To counteract or prevent the effects of, by giving or taking an antidote. Nor could Alexander himself . . . antidote . . . the poisonous draught, when it had once got into his veins. South.
2 To fortify or preserve by an antidote.