What does backward mean?
The definition of backward
Back”ward, a.
1 Directed to the back or rear; as, backward glances.
2 Unwilling; averse; reluctant; hesitating; loath. For wiser brutes were backward to be slaves. Pope.
3 Not well advanced in learning; not quick of apprehension; dull; inapt; as, a backward child. “The backward learner.” South.
4 Late or behindhand; as, a backward season.
5 Not advanced in civilization; undeveloped; as, the country or region is in a backward state.
6 Already past or gone; bygone. [R.] And flies unconscious o’er each backward year. Byron.
Back”ward, n.
The state behind or past. [Obs.] In the dark backward and abysm of time. Shak.
Back”ward, v. i.
To keep back; to hinder. [Obs.]